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Adelaide Female Stripper Ella Daniels

Looking for a female stripper? Look no further, Adelaide female stripper Ella is one of Busty Babes sexiest exotic dancers. Furthermore Adelaide female stripper Ella will provide you all with a sexy strip seduction that will leave you wanting more. Even more you’ll be so mesmerised by the best Adelaide female stripper Ella, you won’t be able to take your eyes off of all those sexy curves that are in just the right places.

You and your mates will certainly be remembering this for weeks to come!

Ella Daniels is a blonde bombshell with a sweet heart sure to grant your hidden desires.

LOCATION: Adelaide (Servicing all surrounding areas)





AVAILABLE FOR: Lingerie / Topless / Mild Novelty Show / Mild Dominatrix Show / Mild Lesbian Show /  XXX Vibrator Show / XXX Dominatrix Show / XXX Lesbian Show

(Not available for waitressing in peak times – Saturday after 8pm)