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Bella Donna

It’s the most acrobatic, flexible, mind blowing one of kind shows with the works. Indulge in a novelty show that will leave you wanting more or go for the wild xxx show. And only available by the incredible bella donna is her speciality fire and sparks show in mild or wild!! No body will ever want to miss out on the Bella Donna Experience



HEIGHT: 5’11

COSTUMES: Schoolgirl, Firewoman, Police officer, Dominatrix, Grid girl, Dirty devil, Naughty nurse ,Kinky cowgirl and speciality feature showgirl outfits that aren’t for standard shows unless in a proper venue

AVAILABLE FOR: Lingerie / Topless / Mild Novelty Show / Mild Dominatrix Show / Mild Lesbian Show /  XXX Vibrator Show / XXX Dominatrix Show / XXX Porn Fantasy Show / XXX Lesbian Show

(Not available for waitressing in peak times – Saturday after 8pm)

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