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Hobart Waitress Violette

Looking for Topless Waitresses? Hobart waitress Violette is here to host your party. She will serve you drinks and is sure to be centre of everyone’s attention! So why not have your drinks served with a side of lushes eye-candy by Hobart waitress Violette. Furthermore having one of our sexiest girls topless tease and tantalise your guests while pouring your favourite beer or spirits of your choice. Even more you may be able organise a lap dance from Hobart waitress Violette for yourself or one of your mates.

This is surely going to make it one night you will never forget!

LOCATION: Hobart (Servicing all surrounding areas)




COSTUMES: Nurse. Police, Schoolgirl

AVAILABLE FOR: Lingerie/Bikini Waitressing / Topless Waitressing / Progressive Waitressing / Poker Dealing / Mild Novelty Show / Mild Dominatrix Show / Mild Lesbian Show / XXX Vibrator Show / XXX Dominatrix Show / XXX Lesbian Show