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Strap in guys, if you’re spending a night with our ladies, it’s going to be a HUGE one. We certainly have the entertaining girls who have taken strip shows to the next level. And just when you thought our Stripper Hire Adelaide shows couldn’t get any better. Our girls bring out their party tricks, interactive and steamy strip shows. Our strip shows: they’re insane.

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Every Adelaide bucks night or birthday party should have an Busty Babes female stripper or topless waitresses. This is the only guaranteed way to certainly make sure the event will be amazing! Most importantly everyone wants their friends to have the best possible time at the party they have organised and invited you to.

Therefore if you are trying to decide on what to do for your best friends bucks party in Adelaide or birthday then make sure you do go past one of our sexy female strippers or gorgeous topless waitresses. We have the girl you will be looking for in Adelaide and she is right at you fingertips.

As a result of hiring one of the most sexy females in Adelaide from Busty Babes Australia you can be assured that your friends are going to have the night of their lives 😉 So don’t look any further and call us today to help you organise the hottest entertainment for your event.

This is to say that you want to show your best friend the ultimate party that Adelaide has to offer!

On the other hand if your partner is having their hens night or birthday party and needs entertainment. So look no further than our sister company at Aussie Hunks Australia.

For the ultimate in entertainment choose either Aussie Hunks Australia or Busty Babes Australia.

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We cater for the ladies too!

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