Kiarah Stevens & Miley RyanKiarah Stevens & Miley RyanTodd P. - 13th July

We were happy with the girls they were really friendly and put on a great show for everyone  thank you

Maddison, Alanna (Adelaide)Maddison, Alanna (Adelaide)Tom - 10th July

Great service and help. The punting club is stoked 🙂

Tiffany (Adelaide)Tiffany (Adelaide)Patrick N - 22nd June

We were happy with all aspects of the service.

Darcey, Kiarah Stevens (Adelaide)Darcey, Kiarah Stevens (Adelaide)Sam - 24th Nov

Yes, we were very happy with the service, Isabelle and Dolly were great fun. It turned out really well and everyone enjoyed the company. Leigh was very helpful too as first point of contact. Would recommend for sure.

Layla, Brooklyn Bay (Adelaide)Layla, Brooklyn Bay (Adelaide)Jake - 29th Sept

The waitress was really good, really hot and a great gal. The stripper did a great show also. Would recommend out of 10

Helena (Adelaide)Helena (Adelaide)Cameron D - 29th Dec

Hey thanks guys Helena was awesome. Really easy going and looked after us over and above of what was expected.

Caprice, Angel, Zara, Sky, Jayme, Holly (Adelaide)Caprice, Angel, Zara, Sky, Jayme, Holly (Adelaide)Adrian - 10th Feb

The girls were great. The waitresses were friendly, coy, and very charismatic.
They made sure everyone always had a drink, and even helped me make space and clean the area that was for the two shows (without me asking them). They really helped make the night great. The two shows were just as good. Judging from what people have been telling me, the XXX Lesbian show was excellent. Same goes for the Mild Novelty Show. Please thank the girls for helping make Michael’s Bucks a memorial one, They really helped make the night great.